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Boat Ski Poles To Get Your Kids Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

Pro Ski Pylon

The Pro Ski Pylon comes in two forms, fixed and adjustable. The fixed version of the pylon is 45″ tall while the adjustable version can be set to a height from 32″-57″. (W411 – adjustable height / W412 – fixed height). If you are looking for boat ski poles, add a Pro Ski Pylon to your runabout that will help your kids get up at slower speeds and without falling when water skiing and wakeboarding!

Barefoot International W412 Fixed Ski Tow Pylon Plus Plate

Was $359.99   NOW $329.99

The easiest way to convert your Runabout Boat into a water skiing machine is by ADDING the Barefoot International Pro Ski Pylon. Our Pro Ski Pylon Will Fit All Runabout Boats.

So you have a great boat, and your kids want you to take them skiing. But they DO NOT like skiing with the rope REALLY LOW because the rope drags in the water and gets spray in their faces :(.

What is the solution?

Add a Pro Ski Pylon from Barefoot International to Your Boat. Watching your kids struggle to get out of the water without falling is painful. Other kids seem to pop right up at super slow speeds and without falling. This is so DISCOURAGING. There is nothing worse than spending your family’s precious weekend time by turning the boat around to have them try again and again with horrible results. Wouldn’t it be so nice to see your kids get up and going effortlessly with a HUGE smile on their faces?

We have the SOLUTION: Get the rope up higher and your kids will get up at slower speeds and without falling due to the upward pull of the rope attached to our Barefoot International Pro Ski Pylon!

In addition to our Ski Pylons, we have water ski booms that you can add to your boat. The Boom is the easiest way to waterski, wakeboard, slalom, and barefoot at super slow speeds and without falling.

“We have a boom to fit every boat and a tower boom to fit the round tubing of every wakeboard tower!”

“The Barefoot International Boom is the easiest way to learn to waterski, wakeboard, wakesurf, and barefoot water ski.”

“Kids get up on their first try at super slow speeds and without falling.”

If you want to know which Barefoot International Boom fits your boat, Text BOOM to 863-417-1816 to find out which boom fits your boat.

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