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  • Free Barefooting Gift Inside

    Free Barefooting Gift Inside

    Behold the power of a Free Barefooting Gift Inside! In this video, I share how I love to give away something that has cost me no less than $100, 000 to acquire in order to help others achieve their barefoot skiing miracle. The power of a free gift is not to be underestimated. My long [...] More
  • Live Fast: Keep Up the Physical Activity Regardless of Age

    Our bodies need a constant reminder that it’s capable of great feats. This statement holds truer the older we get. Without physical activity, our bodies kind of just gives up. Muscle mass starts decreasing, there is reduced respiratory function and bone strength, and loss of endurance. Age really is just a number. But, when we …

  • “Sore Feet, Gliding, and the World’s Most Powerful Molecule”

    “Sore Feet, Gliding, and the World’s Most Powerful Molecule” I wanted to share with you an email I just got the other day that is very common and see if this could help you as well. “Hello Lane— I feel like I know you, Because I have watched your learn to barefoot videos over the …

  • What To Do If You Can’t Wakeboard During The Winter Months

    Not everybody has the luxury of being able to wakeboard year round, especially during the winter months. During this holiday season we want to give you some tips on how to keep training, even if you can’t actually get onto the water to practice. Youtube is a great resource for learning how to do things. …

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