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The number one choice for learning safely and effectively is to book a lesson at The Footer’s
Edge Training Center. We specialize in beginners and take great pride in providing the best
learning environment on the planet.

The second best choice is to learn by video instruction. Check out our two-hour video, The
Footer’s Edge Instructional Video. Lane Bowers shows a safe step-by-step approach while
teaching a first time barefooter to take her first walk on water. Lane then explains his highly
published Posture and Glide theory that will guide you through all of the skills of barefoot water

The last choice, which we do not like to recommend, is the exceptionally abusive trial and error
method. While many people would like to think that they will be that much more ahead of the game
by learning some on their own before getting here, this is a fallacy. If you choose this method, please
update your insurance policy.

This picture speaks for itself!

Lane Bowers is very proficient at teaching people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The
more difficult the challenge the more Lane takes it upon himself to ensure that you get your own
private miracle. We have the most up to date teaching technology and equipment in the world. If you have any questions or specific concerns please feel free to email Lane “Dawg” Bowers directly at

Expect a Miracle!

Directions to The Footer’s Edge Training Center

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From Orlando International Airport (50 miles):

Exit airport and take 417 south (20 miles) to I-4. Take I-4 WEST (towards Tampa) past the Mickey
Mouse power pole (1.8 miles) to HWY 27 (6.4 miles). Take HWY 27 south (right) 17.6 miles to 540
and follow signs “Cypress Gardens”, Winter Haven. Approximately 4 miles on the left, you will see
Cypress Gardens. The Best Western Admiral Inn is adjacent to the park. Our Footer’s Edge Training
Center is directly across the street next to Winn Dixie and IN the Cypress Gardens Health Club!

Additional Contacts: The Best Western Admiral Inn offers a discount to our students (800 247-2799).
Gold’s Gym is located directly across the street from the hotel. Owner Dave Gernzie is my training
partner and friend. He has made arrangements for students staying at the Best Western to use
Gold’s Gym for Free by showing your room key!

Lane “Dawg” Bowers is a member of the World Champions Elite United States Barefoot Water Ski
Team.Most of the best barefooters in the world a currently coached or regularly train at The Footer’s
Edge Training Center. Although Lane is responsible for coaching many top athletes, he takes his
greatest pride in teaching beginners and intermediate skiers. Ask anyone that has skied with Lane
Bowers and they will tell you that he is the number one instructor in the world.

We have a discounted rate at The Shergille Grand Hotel and Conference Center located next to LegoLand. When you book a room, make sure you ask for our discount for The Footer’s Edge Training Center. Call (863) 324-5950 for reservations when you are sure that we have availability on your dates.

Click HERE for Directions

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