#55 Great Front Toe-ups are Made in the Off Season

“A hundred times a day I a remind myself that my lifedepends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give, in the measure as I have received, and am still receiving.”
-Albert Einstein

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”
-John F. Kennedy

I know a lot of you are not able to barefoot now becausethe weather is just too cold, but that does not mean that you cannot make huge improvements in the off season!I am writing this article to serve two purposes;

#1 learning the front toe-up technique while safely on

#2 great conditioning for explosive leg strength and
abdominal strength

I am getting a lot of requests for ways that I recommend to improve conditioning. This is a great one! Even if you cannot do your front toe-holds or one-foots, this is going tobe great conditioning as well as the proper muscle memoryfor one of barefoot water skiing’s most difficult starts.

Even if you already are good at front toe-ups, this will helpyou to explode into a whole new level with this trick!

If you need to brush up on the proper technique for front toe-holds, go to my Trauma Center which is now easier tofind on your all new Members page at https://thefootersedge.com/members/index.htm(remember to click on the ‘Bookmark this page!’ link onthe right to avoid having to sign-in each time).

The key to this technique is keeping your “angle” in the hips, shoulders, and handle during the entire process of the ‘toe-negative’ and the ‘toe-positive.’

After achieving the perfect front toe position you have yourfirst big decision to make. What am I going to use to help me create leverage? If you have the flexibility to reach your ankle, then you will be making this start about %50 easier on yourself because you will be starting with your upper bodyfurther forward than the other ‘old school’ option like I was taught by grabbing under your knee. You can also hug your knee in order to get further forward.

After you have made this decision (don’t be afraid to try all the variations), you are ready to do the toe-negative!

With your hand firmly grasping your favorite grab site, takeyour other hand and drop it towards the ground. You will also want to turn your hand so that your fingers are facing backwards. If you were on the water you would want to avoidcatching your fingers!

Make sure not to start lowering your butt UNTIL you havepositioned your hands properly.

Next, begin lowering your butt very slowly while crunching and leaning towards the hand that is reaching towards the water.At ALL POINTS during this maneuver, your need to have your side that is reaching lower than the side that is supporting your weight in order to maintain the proper “angle” and thus the proper weight distribution.

You should take about 5 seconds to sit down and no more than 2 seconds to get up. That requires the explosive strength that this exercise will help you to build.

When you are ready to perform the “toe-positive,” make sure youset your angle by leaning onto your butt cheek that is attached tothe leg you are going to stand on. Next make sure your free hand
is on the ground ready to be used as balance.

To get up, you need to have a grasp on your ‘grab spot,’ plant your standing foot next to your butt cheek, lean on your free hand, and get ready to explode by contracting your abs aggressively, leaning your hand, and pressing down aggressively on your planted foot.Do not be afraid to use your grab hand to pull your body forwards.

I am adding the additional bonus of including some dry land picturesof me performing this maneuver with the various grab options, the toenegative, and the toe positive! Check them out at https://thefootersedge.com/positions.htm

I hope you commit to this program so you can enjoy one of the greatstarts in barefooting!

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