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Our Mission

Our goal at the Footer’s Edge Training Center is to help you become The Best Barefoot Water Skier On Your Lake.

How can we do this?

First, we commit to giving you the best free barefoot tips in the world through our free newsletter
which you joined by entering your name and email address at and we will mail these tips to you automatically.

Second, you can see FREE Video Lessons in our Trauma Center for absolute beginners all the way up to world champions.

Third, we have the best barefoot water ski instructional DVD’s in the world which we give a 100% full guarantee to be the best or we will refund your money no questions asked.

Our No Fall Barefooting DVD outlines how anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs can learn to barefoot without falling at ridiculously slow speeds.

My original 2 Hour Barefooting DVD shows all the barefooting tricks in the book including barefoot jumping and barefoot flips!

Fourth, we offer the most powerful way of helping you become The Best Barefoot Water Skier On Your
Lake by offering a lesson with Lane “Dawg” Bowers at The Footer’s Edge Training Center in
Winter Haven, Florida, the Mecca of barefoot water skiing and our own manufacturing facility for
producing your customized barefooting miracle!

100% of all lessons are with Lane “Dawg” Bowers and are guaranteed to be the best instruction you have ever had or your lessons are our gift for FREE!

Fifth, we can help you to become The Best Barefoot Water Skier On Your Lake by delivering your
customized miracles directly to you through a clinic with Lane “Dawg” Bowers. By organizing your
own group of 5-7 skiers per day, Lane “Dawg” Bowers will fly to your location and teach you On Your
Lake. This is all done at no up charge other than the cost of the flight plus lessons! For more information, email Lane “Dawg” Bowers at or by calling or TEXTing us at 863-269-0786

Finally, we offer the best barefoot water skiing equipment in the world which we also guarantee to be the best price and the best quality! We will help you with any questions you may have to help you find the best equipment to keep you safe and comfortable in your goal to becoming The Best Barefoot Water Skier On Your Lake!

Or call us personally to help you with your decision
Toll FREE at 1-877-685-6270, internationally at 863-269-0786

You can also chat LIVE on our site with me!

You can also contact me on Facebook at or and message me here!

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