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US Barefoot Team Member Lane “Dawg” Bowers 2 Hour Barefoot Instructional DVD Shows You…
How To Be The Best Barefooter on Your Lake!

“Give me 110 minutes and I’ll show you how to be the best barefooter on your lake, or this
one -of-a-kind video training course is on me!”- Lane “Dawg” Bowers

Winter Haven, FL.-

The video is an action packed 110 minutes long–two volumes in one from beginning to
advanced. It’s set-up progressively, so you’ll start with the basics and move all the way through
the most advanced tricks, slalom, and even jumping!

Everything is explained in precise detail while it’s happening-and you’ll watch the action from 5
different camera angles.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

Learn to barefoot water ski WITHOUT FALLING!

The easy way to do forwards deep water starts from the boom and from the long line.

A simple 3-step mental checklist for getting every trick started.

What to do during tumble-turns that makes them absolutely effortless and smooth.

How to do front and back one-foots like a pros…without killing yourself trying.

The Lane “Dawg” secret to easy front and back toe-holds.

How to be as solid on the long line as you are on the boom.

Learn to cross the wake and the secret that makes front and back slalom look like a walk
in the park.

You will learn the step-by-step way to learn line stepovers.

The biggest mistake most barefooters make with their surface turns–and what to do
about it. (You’ll kick yourself when you realize how often you’re doing it!)

How to land your first wake flip and laugh to yourself at how easy it was…because you
know the secret.

Learn to FLY! The secrets of the world’s greatest jumpers and how to do it safely.

All the boom heights, boat speeds for the boom and the long-line for every trick and
element in the video …so you’ll never have to guess or experiment.

This is a no-holds-barred video, where I share with you every tip and technique I know to
make you  the best barefooter on your lake!

Your Video Comes With a 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Watch this video from beginning to end and if you don’t agree it’s the best instructional video you’ve

ever seen, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.It is easy to order…just click bellow and we’ll ship out your video today.

It’s only $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

You could be watching it in your living room in no time!

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Instructional DVD from SA Australia for only $6 (saves you $19).

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