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Barefoot International 10037 Bolt G

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The Barefoot International 10037 Bolt G is one of the bolts used to build the w2923 Barefoot International Pro X Series Wakeboard Tower.

It is common after many years of use for the Barefoot International 10037 Bolt G to get loose so that is why we recommend a yearly inspection of your bolts as proper maintenance.

Wakeboard Tower Installation pdf


















“What is the Only Wakeboard Tower that you can add to your boat that is strong enough to pull multiple tubers or anything else?”

I was shocked to find out that Wakeboard towers worldwide were going loose simply from rough water shaking the tower…

We decided to design a Wakeboard tower that would never go loose.

After researching what caused wakeboard towers to fail, we found out that pulling tubers from the tower accelerated the process
of going loose because of the unique multi-directional forces that come from attaching multiple tubers to a Wakeboard tower…

Here are two other videos if you have not seen them:

“How To Crack ANY OTHER Wakeboard Tower”

“Strongest Tower Installation Tutorial”

Are you a barefooter?

check out my client who I taught to barefoot at 70yrs old and he is now 84 and barefoots safely
every year with me 🙂

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