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Barefoot International Fly High W2927-BALL-CLAMP

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The Barefoot International Fly High W2927-BALL-CLAMP is just the clamps (a set of 2 clamps) at the base of the Tower Extension that clamp to your tower. People who order these usually have a Super Fly High Tower Extension, but change boats or towers and the diameter of the tower tubing is now different. If you are not sure what you need, call Mike at 561-523-1947.

The new Barefoot International Pro X Series Tower Extension Super Fly High (patented) is the most extreme new product to hit the market. It fits all towers and allows riders to go bigger and land softer. It also helps you learn new tricks at slower speeds which will increase your confidence while reducing the punishment of crashing. Trying to land that first raley? Slow the boat to 18 mph and give it a rip. It also folds down entirely and can remain attached while your tower is collapsed, so there is no need to remove it prior to parking your boat on the lift.

Barefooting changed forever! What if you could barefoot behind the boat and feel like you were on the boom? The Barefoot International Pro X Series Tower Extension Super Fly High makes that possible. Barefooting can be done as slow as 23mph! The Barefoot International Pro X Series Tower Extension Super Fly High raises the rope from 7 feet to 14 feet off the water when mounted on top of our wakeboard tower! This upward pull makes you feel about 30% lighter and is 60% easier than barefooting down at pylon height.

Check the part numbers for proper fitting

W2927 fits towers 2″ in diameter or less
W2931 fits towers 2¼”-2½” in diameter
W2932 fits towers 2 7/8″ and 3″ in diameter


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