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Barefoot International M1001 Orange Nylon Coated Spectra Core FH 95

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Barefoot International M1001 Orange Nylon Coated Spectra Core FH 70


The Barefoot International M1001 Orange Nylon Coated Spectra Core FH 95 is the ultimate barefooting rope meant for the beginner all the way to advanced barefooters who want to barefoot long line behind the boat! This no-stretch barefoot rope (90-foot rope plus 5-foot handle = 95 feet) is the standard for non-barefoot boats that need to be around 100 feet behind the boat in order to have a good wake to cross.

Important::: You should never use a poly-p rope which is commonly used for regular water skiing when barefooting. The poly-p rope can recoil and cause injury to the barefooter or the people in the boat. The Barefoot International M1001 Orange Nylon Coated Spectra Core FH 95 foot is the safer and more efficient solution.

Here’s a cool new video I did with my 13-year-old, Zane…


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What are you using for a barefoot suit? Our Barefooting Super Suit is the World’s Best Barefoot Suit GUARANTEED?
The Barefoot International Barefoot Suit is the exact same suit I use because it is so comfortable and provides the world’s best protection combined with being the fastest suit on the water!

Barefoot International handles are the most demanded handles on the market because of their extreme durability and superb grip. No gimmicks that don’t work. Just the real deal developed from years & years of experience.

Our Wakes Handle is available in combination with a 100′ main line:
B223-C: Wakes Handle with 100′ Poly E Plus combo
B223-Cspec: Wakes Handle with 100′ Spectra Fusion combo

Long Line Front Deep Water Start Tutorial

” When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun, and when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

Joe Namath

NFL Quarterback and Sports Broadcaster


> —–Original Message—–

> Sent: September 1, 2000 9:43 AM

Randy McEachen wrote   “Good Morning.

Suggestions. I have been footing off the boom for about two months and am very comfortable one footing right and left and can jump out of the water and land them. I continually practice going from side to side and riding on my back. I went to the rope on the boom this weekend and made it up first time. I have been there three times since. I am considering going to longline soon. I am 6’4″ 245 and would like to know what suggestions you have.

What differences am I going to expect? Thank you. ”

Well there, my barefooting compadre, if you are in a similar situation to Randy, I have some good news for you! I never tell a person that behind the boat is more difficult than on the boom because it simply is not true if you have the good form that I have been teaching everyone in this newsletter. This would more specifically be; a good Three Point Position, a good Butt Glide, and of course Posture and Glide (if this sounds foreign to you, order the best barefoot instructional video in the world).

The good news is that if your career as a Jockey was shot down because you weigh more than 89 pounds, then you will find barefooting behind the boat more cop esthetic!

I find that most people find skiing behind the boat actually easier than on the boom especially if they are tall or heavier than 200lbs. This is because the five-foot rope on a boom tends to penalize bigger dudes or dudettes because they are actually longer than the rope and thus uncomfortable on some level whether they realize it or not. It is for this reason that I suggest using a 2-foot extension along with the 5-foot rope when practicing on the boom. This will allow you to raise the boom higher to keep the speeds slower. I love this because it is safer and more like skiing behind the boat if you use a tower like I use or a Fly High.

The drawbacks are that if you use an inboard with a lot of chine spray (side spray) then this might put you into the spray at slower speeds. If you have a boom extension, then you should be O.K!

But, I digress. You wanted to know what differences should you expect. Here is a list of differences.

#1 If you go directly behind the boat (not recommended) then you will find the turbulence from the boat to be very different from the calm water off of the boom.

#2 You will find that if you drive properly, then you must be more patient behind the boat as things tend to feel slower (i.e. they take longer to complete). If you keep the same timing of your three-point plant from the boom, you might be surprised to find that the speeds do not feel right.

#3 If you are not using a Fly High, You will probably feel like the rope is lower and a bit more in your way.

#4 When you get up, you will feel much more like eating raw meat from an animal that you hunted down with your bare hands! You are now a King! You have experienced a wonderful miracle!

What I suggest:

#1 Good Butt Glide, Three-Point Position, Posture and Glide developed on the boom. Most easily developed by visiting us here in paradise (877-685-6270) while the family goes to Disneyland.

#2 A good fitting BAREFOOT suit and PADDED shorts.

#3 Get outside the wake next to the trick curl either by boat driving or by learning to “cheek” outside. This is best done at a Butt Glide speed of around 25-30 depending on how far away from “Jockey weight” you are. Big dudes over 200lbs stay around 30mph and gently lean towards the direction you want to go without letting the handle out of your hip or bending knees. Keep legs straight and knees together.

#4 If you cannot get out of the wake it is not a problem, but I recommend a 100-foot rope so that the turbulence is not a problem.

#5 Keep boat speed around Butt Glide speed until Three Point Position is perfected behind the boat. Do not get lured into making the jump to light speed the minute your feet hit the water. If you cannot do a Three-Point Position with minimal spray, fix this first by getting your feet wider and closer to your butt, and by keeping your knees touching!

#6 NEVER plant your feet if you are not ultra comfortable in your Butt glide position. You should be able to see the boat and feel very comfortable in this position. Breathing is very helpful as all your muscles will thank you for the fuel!

#7 Get a plan. Dryland practice, use video analyses so you can learn from your mistakes, and definitely use the best instructional video on the planet.

#8 You might be wondering why I am not pushing Puppy Paws so far. It is not my first choice when teaching someone like Randy, but that is not to say I do not recommend this. Depending on how you do, it could play a significant role!

Ski safely and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

Also, please help me out and forward this to as many footers or even potential footers as you can. This will help to make this newsletter a BIG success! We want everyone to have a GREAT chance to achieve their own miracles!

I am available to personally help you achieve your skiing goals by calling                 877-685-6270 or visit our website @ Feel free to email me personally with any requests that you have and I will try to make time to help you achieve your true potential!

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