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Barefoot International W208 Tower Boom Combo


Barefoot International B111 Boom Handle Attachment

Barefoot International W207 Tower Boom (2.25' - 2.5' tubing)


The Barefoot International W208 Tower Boom Combo is the only boom that was designed to be mounted on any round tubular tower with one tubing diameter of 1.875- 2 inches + another round tubing diameter of 2.25-2.5 inches. This boom is rock solid and can be stowed by pulling three quick release pins and detaching the cable system from the bow. It can also be used to train new wakeboarders at slower speeds while an instructor directs them on what to do. (W208 fits 1⅞”- 2” + 2.25-2.5 inch towers / W207 fits 2¼” – 2½” towers / W206 – fits 1.87″-2″ towers / W209 – fits 2⅞” and 3” towers)

The B111 Kids handle mounts on the end of the tower boom and serves two important purposes. First, it gets skiers further out of the chine spray which can be very discouraging to skiers!
Secondly, the B111 reduces the diameter from 2 inches to 1 inch which is a confidence booster to kids or adults with small hands or a
weaker grip!

This combination is perfect for anyone who has a wakeboard tower with tubing diameter of 2.25 to 2.5 inches. We will be setting up a call
to walk you through the installation. Please make sure not to install the tower boom without speaking to us first.

The  Barefoot International W208 Tower Boom Combo can be used on DRIVER’s or PASSENGER’s side. There is no right or wrong answer. I personally prefer DRIVER’s side because I drive and teach at the same time and prefer to be as close to the skier as possible. It is OK if you prefer the other side of the boat.

This Barefoot International W208 Tower Boom Combo can be put on and taken off in minutes after the initial installation which we walk you through.It should take no more than an hour to properly install with our free phone help. We also ask you to submit photos and then we will confirm that you are good to go. From this point on, your boom setup will last as long as your boat with a small amount of common sense care 🙂

We recommend putting the boom on and taking it off next to a dock or shallow water.

“The boom is not only for barefooting, it is also the best way to LEARN to get up on skis and boards. We have booms to fit every type of boat.”

Here is my install video for a G3 Tower Boom which is different from yours
but that has all the same basics except that you have 2 sets of tubing and this
tower only has one so it is unique.

With any of our Barefoot International Booms, anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs can learn to get up on skis, boards, surf, or barefooting on the first try. We have videos of our clients barefooting without falling like 84-year-old Dick Grant (81 in this video) and World’s Strongest Man, Phil Pfister learning to barefoot at 6’8″ and 385lbs!

“All our booms are built to stay strong. For added safety, our booms have a dual stainless steel cable system that runs all the way from the boom to the attachment point at the bow of the boat. There are no levers or moving parts on our boom clamps because moving parts can loosen, wear out and break. Our boom clamps are extremely strong with heavy-duty hardware to ensure they remain firmly mounted. Also, our boom clamps come with a heavy-duty safe airline quick release pin which makes it easy to attach and remove the booms. By purchasing a Barefoot International boom you are guaranteeing that you have the highest quality, strongest and without a doubt the safest boom.”

Do not install this boom before speaking to us personally to ensure safety. We will send an email reminder.

If you do not get a quick response from me in the future, feel

free to either TEXT me at 863-269-0786 or message me on

FB at

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Text BOOM to 863-417-1816 to find out which boom fits your boat.

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