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Barefoot International W412 Fixed Ski Tow Pylon ONLY Plus Plate

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Barefoot International W412 Fixed Ski Tow Pylon (45 inch high)


The Barefoot International W412 Fixed Ski Tow Pylon (part# 70053) only plus base plate (part#70135) for the W412 . This is JUST the pylon and the base plate to the W412 and it will turn any runabout boat into a water skiing machine by allowing you to mount this pylon in the rear of your boat.  This will allow the rope to get up to a critical height above the water which keeps the rope out of the water and the skier feeling lighter instead of feeling like he is getting pulled by a submarine 🙂 includes free phone installation with all our products and we pride ourselves on making sure you
get set up so that you and your family will be safe and happy. If you have any doubts about the product, please email before purchasing.

The Pro Ski Pylon comes in two forms, fixed and adjustable.
The fixed version of the pylon is 45” tall while the adjustable version can be set to a height from 32”-57”.
(W411 – adjustable height / W412 – fixed height)





“Which Boom Fits Your Boat?”

With any of our Barefoot International Booms anyone from 4 years old to 400lbs can learn to get up on skis, boards, surf, or barefooting on the first try. We have videos of our clients barefooting without falling like 84 year old Dick Grant (81 in this video) and World’s Strongest Man, Phil Pfister learning to barefoot at 6’8″ and 385lbs!

Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg. offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing. As the rest of our competitors have been busy finding overseas suppliers to fulfill their needs, we have been steadily upgrading our capabilities in-house. Our booms, pylons, towers, Fat Sacs™ and other barefoot and wakeboarding products are specifically designed to provide added safety, convenience and improved performance without causing damage to your boat. We don’t compromise safety nor ease of use for gimmick features. Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg. is your assurance of the highest quality equipment available today.
Weight 10 lbs

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