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Bring your Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump back to life with the purple 52402 JABSCO BALLAST KING IMPELLER.

The Jabsco King fittings come pre-lubed from the factory. Also, there is no O-Ring supplied. They are in individually sealed packages.

This purple 52402 JABSCO BALLAST KING IMPELLER is the replacement impeller for Jabsco’s Ballast King Reversible Pump, designed for powering automated wakeboard ballast systems using Ballast King Pumps.

If you’ve been having problems with your system draining or filling correctly, or if the water is leaking into or out of the tanks or bags while the pumps are turned off, replacing your existing impeller with a new impeller will solve all of your problems.

Impellers are a wear item, so over time, the efficiency of the pump will be reduced as the compound of the impeller breaks down. That means your wakeboard ballast system will take longer to fill and drain than it did when newer. Replacing a damaged or worn out impeller will restore the speed and functionality of your Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump to like-new condition.

NOTE: impeller does come with o-ring and lube


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