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Fly High Custom FatSac C1094 02103 Rear Seat Sac

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This Fly High Custom FatSac C1094 02103 Rear Seat Sac is a fatsac custom sac that had to be granted permission to even sell because it is an OEM product that is not offered at retail.
The picture shown IS NOT the custom fatsac that is being made to spec as a custom fatsac.

Fly High Custom FatSac C1094 02103 Rear Seat Sac does not include Fittings and the following will be needed:

(3) W736, (3) W742, and (1) W731.


Fly High Quick Connect Fitting System Explained

The Fly High Quick Release system uses two fittings that when locked together create a proven, water-tight connection. The gray male fitting is manufactured by Fly High Fatsacs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will thread directly into any Fly High Fatsac Ballast bag. The black female fitting is manufactured by Flow-Rite and locks onto the flange of the bag fitting. The other end of the Flow-Rite is a barb that fits industry standard marine hose in popular 3/4″ and 1-1/8″ sizes. This system is typically used in applications when the ballast bag might need to be easily removed for cleaning, winterization or traveling. Wakeboard Boat manufacturers such as MasterCraftSupraMoomba, and Axis Wake Research all use these fittings for their factory ballast systems which means they are the best tool for the job.

* Superior O-ring seal
* Sockets can be installed and then snapped into place
* Eliminates crimping in hard to reach areas
* Reduces warranty claims and labor costs
* Builder, Dealer, and User-friendly
* Proven performance and reliability
* Allows hose to swivel and relieve stress from pump outlets
* Eliminates Silicone and other sealants at hose connections
















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