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Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs

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The Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs is the fastest and easiest way to make a great wake for surfing in any boat.

Love wakesurfing? Want to get the best possible wake out of your boat? Buy this ballast bag! We don’t call it the Ultimate Wake Surf Sac just because it sounds cool, whether you’ve got a direct drive or a v-drive, this Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs combined with a standard surfing setup will transform your wake.

The new Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs is bigger than ever to create the perfect wakesurfing wake. Equally at home in inboard, v-drive and even jet boats like the Sea-Doo AR and Yamaha Wake Series, this is what you need to go ropeless the easy way.

For Direct Drive Boats Position this bag in the back corner of the boat for 1,000 pounds of wake building ballast. And since it’s a single bag, it will be faster to fill and drain than multiple bags that weigh the same amount.

The Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs is perfect for weighting direct drive ski boats like the Malibu Response, Correct Craft Air Nautique, Supra Legacy, Moomba Mobius or Mastercraft Pro Star to create the perfect wakesurfing wake. The wake will grow in size, and you won’t lose any seats inside the boat. You don’t need a v-drive to put out a great surfing wake, you just need the Fly High Pro X Series Ultimate Surf Sac.

For V-Drive Boats Position the Fly High W718 Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac 1150lbs on top of the seats on the side you’ll be surfing and get ready to ride. It’s size and shape keep it perfectly positioned on the seats, and with a 1,150-pound capacity, you’ll have plenty of wake for all but the most demanding wake surfers.

If you have a v-drive, this is a great way to add extra ballast to the boat. Whether your boat has a factory ballast system or not, the Ultimate Wake Surf Sac is right at home.

Need more? You can always combine this bag with other Fly High Pro X Series Sacs if you want to build the biggest wake possible.

Ambidextrous Design The Fly High Ultimate Wake Surf Sac includes fittings on both the top and bottom, so you can use it on the port or starboard side of the boat by simply flipping it over to create the perfect wake for regular and goofy riders. One bag that does it all, that sounds pretty nice!

Fly High FATSAC Updated Look

New Look, Same Original FATSAC

The same ballast bag you’ve grown to count on but an updated, much-improved look. The all-new FATSAC looks good and performs great. A new feature is the additional 4th port at the bottom for added versatility.

Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags were the first products designed from the ground up to be used in a wakeboard boat. Starting with a blank canvas, Fly High was able to rethink nearly every aspect of wakeboard ballast bag constructions and functionality. Gone are the day of two-part construction, leaky waterbed connections, and fittings that are difficult to connect. By building their wakeboard ballast bags from a single layer of durable yet flexible vinyl, the same material that is used to build white water rafts, Fly High is able to offer unmatched strength and durability in an easy to use package.

Additionally, Fly High Pro X Series ballast bags feature multiple threaded ports that are built into the construction of the bag. Unlike the blue waterbed connections use on other brands, these strong ports feature durable threads and can be used with Fly High’s options fittings for compatibility with nearly any wakeboard ballast system you can imagine. Step up to the Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags and experience the most convenient, durable and highest performing ballast bags on the market.

Product Specs

Size 60″L x 20″W x 20″H
Weight 1150 lbs.
Ports 3 fill/vent
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High
Manufacturer Part # w718

Hand Crafted Quality

Made in Milwaukee

FATSAC ballast systems are the original choice for Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. Trusted by leading boat manufacturers, FATSAC offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing. Our products are specifically designed to provide added safety, convenience and improved performance without causing damage to your boat. By using our advanced cutting machine, welding system and Valmex material, we can assure you that your FATSAC will be extremely durable and of the highest quality. FATSAC, crafted right here in Milwaukee, is your ballast solution.


W709-SUPA video test

Weight 16 lbs

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