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Fly High Flip Surf Wakeshaper is designed to add a massive curl onto the wave of your mid-engine direct drives and Vdrives. Are you frustrated because you cannot throw the handle when you surf? Are you deceived into thinking that you need to invest in a $150k surf boat instead of a few fatsacs and a wakeshaper? Well, relax and get ready to unleash a wave that will make any ocean surfer jealous!


Imagine this: the WAKE SURF EDGE PRO II – it’s not just your average wing for water, oh no! This LARGE WATER DISPLACEMENT WING is like the Hulk of the wake surfing world, bumping those puny waves up to epic proportions.

Promising to turn your lapping lakeside ripples into full-blown, ride-worthy waves, the WAKE SURF EDGE PRO II is the upgrade your boat’s been dreaming of. It’s got a scientifically engineered design, basically a Ph.D. in hydrodynamics, that makes it the Einstein of the wake world. And what does it do with all that smarts? Delivers you the tallest and longest waves you’ve ever seen, that’s what!

But don’t just trust us. Jim, an inboard MC ProStar owner, raves: “It’s like my boat suddenly hit puberty and its voice deepened – the waves got HUGE! Couldn’t stop laughing at the transformation.” Or take it from 57-year-old Phil: “I’m pretty sure I saw a mountain goat trying to climb my waves, they were that big!” 🙂

So why wait? Become a wave-conjuring wizard today with the WAKE SURF EDGE PRO II. Make a splash in the world of wake surfing and get ready to ride some endless juiced-up waves. Your boat will thank you, your friends will envy you, and the fish… well, they’ll be pretty surprised too!

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