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US Barefoot Team Member Lane “Dawg” Bowers No Fall Barefooting DVD Video Shows You…

“Learn to Barefoot, or Teach Someone to Barefoot Without Falling…Guaranteed”

“”Give me 70 minutes and I’ll show you how to, Learn to Barefoot WITHOUT FALLING, or this one-of-a-kind No Fall Barefooting DVD training course is on me!”
– Lane “Dawg” Bowers

“Don’t Be Ridiculous…Falls Are a Normal Part of Barefooting…Everybody Falls When They Learn.”

Check out my client who I taught to barefoot at 70yrs old and he is now 84 and barefoots safely every year with me using my No Fall Barefooting DVD method 🙂

Winter Haven, FL
Have you ever seen that magician who wears a black mask to cover his identity. He goes on TV and tells everyone the insider secrets to how those amazing illusions are done so that everybody can see through the magic? Can you imagine how upset that makes the Pros every time that guy gets on TV?

That is kind of how I feel, but I don’t have a mask…

I decided in November of 2006, that I would create an entire new series of DVD’s that would take

every trick and break it down into the smallest baby steps possible.

My whole goal was to have a complete library of information so detailed that you could repeat what

I do down here in the ski school with the same amazing results without even having to come

not that I do not want you here of course, but YOU need to be the expert on YOUR lake!

A lot of my students and even some of my mentors told me that putting this info out on DVD was a

bad idea because it would stop people from coming to The Footer’s Edge Training Center here in

Winter Haven, Florida.

You know from being on my newsletter that I have a reputation for revealing insider secrets…

I have an $1199 No Fall Barefoot Instructor’s Course where I spend 5 days breaking down the
whole process of how I teach people to barefoot water ski WITHOUT FALLING …Guaranteed.

Hundreds of people from around the world wanted in on this course but were not able to because
of the expense. They asked me to make the course available online and on DVD…this will be the

foundational DVD for that course.

Now there is no way that this one DVD has everything in it that my 5-day course has, but this is
going to change the way barefooting is learned forever, and you are the first ones to know about it!


Haven, FL.-

This DVD is an action packed instructional course. It’s set-up progressively, so you’ll start with the

basics and move all the way to learning to barefoot behind the boat WITHOUT FALLING


This is the strongest guarantee you will ever find. I am * flat out guaranteeing* that if you follow my

Complete Step-by-Step Success System, that you will learn to barefoot behind the boat without
 … or I will give you all your money back plus shipping and you can keep the DVD as *My Gift*

to you just for taking up your valuable time.

This is the first ever barefooting instructional video ever filmed in High Definition.

This is the first new instructional DVD I have released in 10 years!

This instructional DVD will guide you through the World’s only complete system for Learning to

Barefoot Without Falling…

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • Learn tobarefoot water ski WITHOUT FALLING!
  • The single biggest mistake that every barefooter you know has maded…and how to avoid it.
  • The complete fail-safe way for you to practice on dry-land before ever going near the boat-letyour friends make the steps while you look like a barefoot prodigy
  • The 3 Biggest Breakthroughs in Barefooting Technology that will change the barefootingworld forever..and you will know about them before anyone else does.
  • 3 Revealed secrets that will allow you to barefoot on your very first try WITHOUT FALLING.
  • How to be assolid on the long line as you are on the boom.
  • Proof that little girls and wives make better barefooters and why.
    (Your friends will be jealous.)
  • The classic mistakes you will avoid because I will show you before you ever get in the boat.
  • The baby steps that have helped my 70 year old barefoot like a pro.
    (You’ll kickyourself when you realize how often you’re doing it!)
  • Tips to rigging your boom correctly that will make barefooting 40% easier.
  • How to make any boat driver a better driver for barefooting than any driver currently at theCypress Gardens Ski Show here in Winter Haven, Florida.
  • The truth about boat speed that will make this whole DVD worth it.
  • All the boomheights, boat speeds for the boom and the long-line for every trick andelement in the video
  • The Lane”Dawg” Complete Success System for becoming the local Pro.How will youfeel
    when people start coming to you because they see your results.
    …so you’ll never have to guess or experiment.
  • This is ano-holds-barred High Def Instructional DVD, where I share with you every tip andtechnique I know to make you…

the bestbarefooter on your lake!

Your Video Comes With a 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Watch this video from beginning to end and if you don’t agree it’s the best instructional video you’ve ever seen, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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