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The W610-King JABSCO BALLAST KING is the fastest solution for wakeboard ballast systems. Includes rocker switch and wiring.

In the world of wakeboard boat ballast systems the new W610-King JABSCO BALLAST KING is a game changer that owners have been asking for. Fill and drain your ballast tanks at over 120 lbs. of water a minute. This impeller driven reversible pump is 50% faster than it’s predecessor, the Jabsco Ballast Puppy.

The Jabsco Ballast King comes pre-loaded with the latest and best impeller that Jabsco offers: the purple impeller. The purple nitrile premium impeller offers increased speeds, improved durability and more reliable operation.

The W610-King JABSCO BALLAST KING is not a direct replacement for older Jabsco Ballast puppy pump models due to the extra amperage.

• Jabsco Ballast King – 15GPM
• Model 22610-9007 – Reversing Switch Not Included
• Model 22610-9507 – Reversing Switch Included
• Model 22610-9407 – Deutsch Connector, No Reversing Switch

Inlet/Outlet: 1″ Hose Barb and 1/2″ NPT Internal Thread

Voltage/Max Current Draw: 12 Volt DC, 19 Amps (Recommended Fuse Size: 25 or 30 Amp)

Capacity: 960 GPH

Impeller Color: Purple

Self-priming: Yes

Rocker Switch: Included

Safety Features: Ignition Protected

Dimensions: 3.625″ x 4.75″ x 8″

Warranty: 1 year

Note: this is aftermarket version of this pump, which includes a pre-wired switch connector. If you are looking for a pump to replace damaged pump that came in your boat, you want our Plug-and-Wake Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump instead.







Weight 5 lbs

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