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W610-P Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump

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The W610-P Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump is the standard of choice for wakeboard ballast pumps.

Without a doubt, the W610-P Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump is the most popular wakeboard ballast pump in history. Its success is for good reason; the reversible design simplifies installation and reduces the number of components required, and its track record proves it’s a reliable performer that is fast and efficient.

With more manufacturers, including Centurion, Mastercraft, Moomba, Nautique and Supra, installing the Jabsco Ballast Puppy than any other ballast pump available, it’s obvious this is a great choice for your fully automated ballast system.

If for any reason you need to replace a Jabsco ballast pump that came pre-installed in your boat, the pump we sell is the latest version and is a direct replacement for all previous models.

Green Nitrile Impeller Included
Premium Green Nitrile Impeller As the main moving part, the impeller really determines the performance of a reversible wakeboard ballast pump like the Jabsco Ballast Puppy. That’s why every Jabsco Ballast Puppy wakeboard ballast pump that we sell comes pre-loaded with the latest and best impeller Jabsco currently offers. The green Nitrile Premium impeller sells separately for as much as $50, and offers increased speeds, improved durability, and more reliable operation, and it’s included for free!

Connect hose directly to the Jabsco Ballast Puppy
Versatile, High Volume Connection Options The unique design of the pump head features integrated hose barbs for use with 1″ hose, just slide the hose over the bronze inlet and outlet ports and secure with hose clamps. Additionally, 1/2″ NPT female connections are provided for use with smaller hose (use with optional 1/2″ thread to 3/4″ hose barb adapter to convert to the more common 3/4″ hose size), giving you a multitude of connection options. For the fastest system we recommend using 1″ hose.

FeaturesRun-Dry Protection:The integrated Run-Dry Protection circuit monitors the current draw of the pump and automatically shuts it off if conditions indicate water is no longer flowing through the pump. This innovative feature prevents damage to the impeller.

The ignition protected design makes this pump suitable for installation in the bilge compartment of the boat without risk of fire or explosion due to fuel vapors. This feature alone is crucial for safe operation and is one important distinguishing factor between the Ballast Puppy and the Simer pump to which it is often compared.

This is the same pump used to fill and drain OEM ballast systems in Mastercraft Wakeboard Boats, 2009 Supra Wakeboard Boats, 2009 Moomba Wakeboard Boats, Correct Craft Wakeboard boats and Centurion, and many other wakeboard boats. The part number may vary slightly, but this is identical to any pump that begins with 18220, the only difference is the four digit suffix which indicates and OEM application, even though functionally the pump is exactly the same.

Product Specs

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Jabsco – view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 18220-1127



“The Easiest Way To Do An Automatic Ballast System Is To Keep It Simple”

The Easiest Way To Do An Automatic Ballast System

The Easiest Way To Do An Automatic Ballast System

QUESTIONS? Would you like us to figure it out for you?
1. Call Mike Seipel at 561-523-1947 and let him know the year, make, the model of your boat and what you want to accomplish.
2. Mike will give you a list of part numbers so write them down.
3. TEXT me at 863-269-0786 with your name, email, and the part#s Mike gave you.
4. I will email you a custom link with pricing and everything you need with guaranteed the best price and 4Xs Buyer Protection

We also just added a free service for all orders placed through the link below or on our
site called 4Xs Buyer Protection which is FREE to you. It is pretty awesome and should
give you even more confidence in your investment!

How to Hook Up an Automatic Ballast System. The Best Possible Way is by Keeping it Basic!

Required parts for EACH Pro X Series Fat Sac you will need the following:

1 each of (W610-P) – Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump (high volume,
self-priming, reversible) with Fill/Empty Switch
25 ft of (558031-Black Hose) – Black Reinforced Bilge Hose. Fits 1″ or 11/8″ fittings
2 each of W743 – 11/8″ Quick Connect – Sac Valve Thread (use PVC Cement to screw this fitting into the Fat Sac)
2 each of W741 – Flow-Rite 11/8″ Straight Quick Connect Socket
2 each of W746 – Flow-Rite 11/8″ Elbow Quick Connect Socket
6 each of (558031-Clamp) – 316 Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamp 5/16” – 1 1/2” Clamp Diameter Range
2 each of Thru Hulls – One for the bottom of the boat for Filling/Emptying; One for Venting/Overflow -(NOT INCLUDED)
Adequate length of electrical wire to wire up the fill/empty switch and the Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump- (NOT INCLUDED)

automatic ballast system diagram



For each Pro X Series Fat Sac, you will need the following;

1. 1 x (W610-P) Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump high volume, self-priming, reversible pump with the fill-empty switch.

2. about 25 feet (558031 – black hose) black reinforced bilge hose Fits 1″ or 11/8″ fittings

3. 2 x (W743-SS)  11/8″ Quick Connect – Sac Valve Thread – screw these into Pro X Series Fat Sac with all Purpose PVC Cement..

4. 2 x (W741) Flow-Rite 11/8″ Straight Quick Connect Socket

5. 2 x (W746) Flow-Rite 11/8″ Elbow Quick Connect Socket

6. 6 x (558031-clamp) 316 stainless steel worm drive hose clamp 5/16″-1 1/2″ clamp diameter range

7.  2 x Thru Hulls One for the bottom of the boat to fill and empty through plus one for the vent/overflow

8. Adequate length of electrical wire to wire up the Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump (NOT INCLUDED)

Step 1:
Run Black Reinforced Hose from the Thru Hull Fitting in the
bottom of the boat to one side of the Jabsco Pump.
Step 2:
Run Black Reinforced Hose from the other side of the Jabsco Pump
to the bottom valve on the Pro X Series Fat Sac.
Step 3:
Run Black Reinforced Hose from the highest valve on the top of the
Pro X Series Fat Sac to the Thru Hull Fitting out the side of the boat.

NOTE: The vent overflow thru hull fitting needs to be higher then
where the Vent Hose is attached to the valve on the top of the Pro X
Series Fat Sac (When Full). This is to prevent water from being blown
out of the vent/overflow thru hull or a siphon from being started.

Weight 5 lbs

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