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SUCTION STOP SAC VALVE THREADS — 1 1/8″ QUICK CONNECT — Should be screwed into PRO X SAC with all-purpose pvc cement


The W743-SS SUCTION STOP SAC VALVE THREADS is used to connect 1-1/8″ straight and elbow Flo-Rite Quick Release Connectors to the 3/4″ port on Fly High Ballast Bags for a secure yet removable connection.

The Fly High W743-SS SUCTION STOP SAC VALVE THREADS 1-1/8″ Flow-Rite Quick Release Connect makes a secure, water-tight, yet quickly removable connection with the Flo Rite W741 (1-1/8″) Straight and the W746 (1-1/8″) Elbow Flo-Rite Quick Release Connectors. Perfect for integrating Fly High ballast bags to factory ballast systems in Mastercraft and Air Nautique wakeboard boats.

For more information on the Flow-RIte Quick Connect fittings system, read our blog post: Fly High Flow-Rite Quick Connect System Explained.

Fly High ballast fittings have been designed with you in mind. All of the fittings make connecting pumps and hoses to your Fly High Pro X Series Ballast Sacs™ a quick and simple task. No more struggling with old waterbed valves and water spilling inside the boat. Simply twist, pull, replace and you’re ready to go! Fly High offers several different fittings that all work together to adapt to any of your needs.

Weight 7 lbs

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