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Fly High Flip Surf Wakeshaper is designed to add a massive curl onto the wave of your mid-engine direct drives and Vdrives. Are you frustrated because you cannot throw the handle when you surf? Are you deceived into thinking that you need to invest in a $150k surf boat instead of a few fatsacs and a wakeshaper? Well, relax and get ready to unleash a wave that will make any ocean surfer jealous!


Picture this:

Largest Wake Shaper face 14 x 18 inches = 252sq inch Patented Concave Water Channeling Wing Our concave channeling wing surface pushes more water to increase the length of the wave, while keeping the face super clean! Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment Our 4.5 inch rubber suction cups won’t damage gel coat or leave black markings on your boat. Easy to adjust on the fly, No ugly Velcro or safety tethers required. Made with Durable Rust Free Materials We Build the WakeSurf Edge with impact resistant, lite weight glass filled nylon 6.6. and rust free stainless steel hardware. Our shaper is long lasting; won’t rust or stain your boat. Built In Flotation Don’t worry about your wake shaping investment sinking to the bottom. The Wakesurf Edge wing is rotomolded and sealed air tight. Make the most of the MEGA WAKE SURF EDGE , Recommended boat 21’ or longer, have a 325hp engine or greater, ese with FatSac water ballast systems. Level load your boat to keep the nose down for the captain’s visibility and a longer wake.

It’s not just large – it’s “morbidly obese” large. But we don’t fat shame here – we love that extra chonk! Why? Because it’s your ticket to riding the most titanic, earth-shattering waves you’ve ever dreamed of.

This voluminous virtuoso of wake enhancement has taken everything we loved about the EDGE PRO 2 and supersized it. Think of it as the Hulk after he’s visited an all-you-can-eat buffet – even more formidable and yes, even more green with envy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Chris, a lifelong wake surfing fan, enthused, “I mean, this thing is LARGE. Like, I think it has its own gravitational field. The waves it made? Mind-blowing.” And Dave said, “It’s like someone gave the ocean a Red Bull. The waves were off the charts.”

So don’t dilly-dally! Dive in with the WAKE SURF EDGE MEGA WAVE CREATOR and start making waves that’ll have Poseidon himself doing a double-take. Remember: life’s too short for small waves. Go big, go MEGA, or go home!


The Wake Shaper Surf Edge Pro 2 transforms your boat wake

The Wake Shaper Surf Edge Pro 2 transforms your boat wake

The Wake Shaper Surf Edge Pro 2 transforms your boat wakeThe Wake Shaper Surf Edge Pro 2 transforms your boat wake

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