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World’s Best Water Ski Rope and Handle Combo for water skiing, wakeboarding, and slalom.


  • BI Water ski Rope & Handle combo multi-color with 8 takeoff points
  • 8 Multi-Color take-off loops
  • Multi-strand poly rope
  • 13” handle • Molded End caps
  • Rope caddy included
  • LG-coated Aluminum bar
  • Great for slalom skiing, water skiing, or wakeboarding
  • All-purpose ski rope and handle combo
  • Large end loop for ski tow attachment point
  • 75 feet total length

World’s Best Water Ski Rope & Handle Combo: Your Ultimate Guide

Hey there, waterski enthusiasts! Are you hunting for the best water ski rope and handle combo? You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into what makes a waterski rope and handle not just good but the best. From the materials used to the grip of the handle, we’ve got you covered.

Introduction to Water Ski Ropes and Handles

Water ski ropes and handle combos might seem simple, but they are crucial for a safe and enjoyable waterskiing experience. The right combination can significantly enhance your performance on the water. Let’s start by understanding their importance and the basics.

The Importance of Quality in Waterski Ropes and Handle Combos

Regarding waterskiing, your rope and handle quality can make or break your experience. A top-notch rope offers the right balance of elasticity and strength, while a good handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

Types of Water ski Rope and Handle Combos

Not all waterski ropes are created equal. There are standard ropes for beginners and high-performance ropes for seasoned skiers. Let’s explore the differences and what suits you best.

Important: Check out our free video tutorials on how to teach your kids to water ski, wakeboard, slalom, and barefoot water ski without falling in 1 hour!

“Learn to water ski in 1 hour without falling”

“Learn to wakeboard in 1 hour without falling”

“Learn to get up on a slalom ski in 1 hour without falling”

“Learn to barefoot water ski in 1 hour without falling”

Standard vs. High-Performance Ropes

Standard ropes are great for beginners, offering more stretch for a forgiving ride. High-performance ropes, on the other hand, have less give, allowing for more precise movements and sharper turns.

Material Matters: Choosing the Right Rope

The material of your rope affects its stretch, durability, and overall performance. Polyethylene and Polypropylene are common, but for the best experience, look for ropes with a Spectra or Dyneema core. The Barefoot International waterski rope and handle are perfect for kids, beginners, and even intermediate waterskiers and wakeboarders. This rope is the perfect all-purpose rope for your family.

Selecting the Perfect Waterski Handle

Your handle is your direct connection to the boat, so choosing the right one is critical. Comfort, grip, and durability are the key factors here. Let’s dive into what makes a handle ideal for waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Comfort and Grip: Key Features of Waterski Handles

A handle should feel natural in your hands. Look for handles with ergonomic designs and materials that provide a non-slip grip. Rubber and synthetic materials are popular choices.

Handle Types and Materials

Handles come in various shapes and sizes. Straight bars are common, but there are also V-shaped and T-bar options. The material can range from rubber to carbon fiber, offering different benefits.

Combining Rope and Handle for Peak Performance

The synergy between your rope and handle is essential. Matching their characteristics can enhance your control and performance on the water. Let’s find out how to make the perfect match.

Matching Rope and Handle Characteristics

When pairing a rope and handle, consider the rope’s elasticity and the handle’s grip. A stiffer rope pairs well with a handle that offers more control, while a more elastic rope might need a handle with better shock absorption.

Customization for Skiers of All Levels

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a rope and handle combination for you. Advanced skiers might prefer a custom setup, while beginners may opt for a more standard combo.

Maintenance and Care for Your Waterski Rope and Handle

Proper maintenance is key to ensure your waterski rope and handle last as long as possible. Regular cleaning and careful storage can significantly extend their lifespan.

Storage Tips to Extend Lifespan

Store your waterski rope and handle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging the rope, as it can stretch out over time. Coiling it loosely is the best way to keep it in shape.

Top Brands and Products in the Market

There are several top brands in the market offering high-quality ropes and handles. Brands like Masterline, Straight Line, and Proline have a range of products to suit different needs and preferences, but Barefoot International is my personal preference as they are made in the US and are tested by gorillas 🙂 Not really, but they are the best!

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Waterskiing Needs

Choosing the right waterski rope and handle combines personal preference and understanding what the equipment offers. Balance your needs with the features of the rope and handle to find your perfect match. Happy skiing!


“The 500 Barefoot International World’s Best Barefoot Suit Is Guaranteed to Be The Best Barefoot Wetsuit You Have Ever Worn…

Guaranteed To Make You Ski Better… Or I will Buy It Back…“

The bottom line FACTS about Barefoot International Barefoot Suits…

What makes our 500 Barefoot International World’s Best Barefoot Suit the best in the world?   Here are the facts that will allow *you* to become an instant expert.

BareFoot Wet Suits are made up of two distinct layers of material. The first layer is made of neoprene rubber. The second layer is made of flotation padding. These two layers and how they are constructed determine the performance of your wetsuit.   In our barefoot suits, these two layers are added to the butt, hamstrings, hips, back, ribs, and chest to protect the barefooter from the harsh friction that the water causes at barefoot speeds.   What separates our Barefoot Suit from the rest is the construction. The Lane “Dawg” Bowers Signature Series Barefoot International Suit has 26mm of neoprene and flotation padding. This is twice the amount of protection that exists in any other barefoot suit.   What makes this suit hands-down better is that there are also two layers of glue that are used to glue the 26mm of neoprene and flotation padding together.

The result is that you can get the Best BareFoot Wet Suit on the planet for the best price AND we are the only company in the world ( that guarantees it is the best or we will buy your suit back used!

What does this information do for you and your barefooting?   Whether you are learning to barefoot, learning your deepwater starts, tumble-turns, flips, or even barefoot jumping, you will*immediately* feel the difference on the water when you wear our barefoot suit. We *guarantee it* and are the only company in the world who is willing to let you use our suit and see the difference for yourself!

How should this suit feel when I first try on?   Because of our high-performance construction, our suit will feel very stiff when you first try it on. If you find that our barefoot suit feels too tight in the the chest or the length, this is absolutely normal. Our suit will conform to the fit of your body *only after* using it for a minimum of a dozen barefoot outings.   If you feel like it is too tight or that you will not be able to perform your barefooting because of this initial restriction, do not panic. Force yourself to get through the first dozen runs. Our suit is designed to expand in any area where it is restrictive up to 20%.

What you will be pleasantly surprised about is that you will glide effortlessly on the water. Front Deep starts will feel like a breeze.

Tumble turns will feel turbocharged.

Backwards deepwater starts will not feel harsh on your chest.

Your barefoot skiing will absolutely improve even while you are breaking in your barefoot wetsuit. Do not be discouraged by how the suit feels when you first try it on.   All the best barefooters in the world have learned that the key to getting the best performing wetsuit is to allow for the correct amount of time to break it in.

Why would I need IronMan barefoot shorts?   The reason for having the IronMan barefoot shorts in addition to our barefoot suit is not for protection. The reason why I insist that my students use these shorts is because of the absolute ease of how well they glide on the water as compared to not using them.   I used to just let students find out for themselves, but now I do not like to waste the time. I just insist on it, guarantee the results and watch their expressions as they learn to barefoot, tumble turn, flip, and jump so much easier.

Occasionally, I will get someone who puts on my IronMan barefoot shorts and complains that it feels like too much equipment or that it is too restrictive.   I give them all the same advise I am giving you right here and now…   Use them first (under your wetsuit), and see the results for yourself. You will never want to barefoot without them ever again. They will break in and they will get comfortable after a minimum of a dozen barefoot outings.

Finally, we know that what barefooters really want is to become better barefooters, not just have the best equipment. That is why we give you FREE barefoot water skiing advice (200 page Free Barefoot Tips eBook) that will help you Be the Best Barefoot Water Skier On Your Lake…and you can call us toll-free any time to get help!

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