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  • backward barefooting no fall

    Backward Barefooting Free Video Analysis David UK

    Backward Barefooting Free Video Analysis David UK In this video, I help David from the UK improve his backward barefooting efficiency and form. Watch the video below as I go over step-by-step advice that can be easily implemented in order to enjoy barefooting for years to come without all the hard falls. David and I …

  • Dick Grant 87-year-old barefooter

    87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish

    Celebrate with Dick Grant for his 87-Year-Old Barefooter Birthday Wish. Dick Grant's 87th birthday is in two months, but he had to get his annual lesson at TheFootersEdge so he could feed off of the exhilaration for another year. Dick Grant is an inspiration and in this video, I kept the music out so you [...] More
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