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  • 2006 MasterCraft X7 Barefoot International Boom

    2006 MasterCraft X7 Barefoot International Boom Options If you have a 2006 MasterCraft X7 and you want to know which barefoot boom fits your boat, you came to the right place. We specialize in helping families learn to water ski, wakeboard, and barefoot water ski without falling and at super slow speeds. The Boom is …

  • 2017 Nautique GS 20 22 24 Barefoot International Boom

    Find out which boom fits your boat. TEXT me your year, make, model to 863-269-0786 and I will get everything you need plus a free gift 🙂 IMPORTANT::: Make sure your rear pylon is a 2.5 inch standard diameter pylon. If not, we will need to get you a clamp made for a smaller diameter. …

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