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The Barefoot Skiing Authority: Lane “Dawg” Bowers


Regarding barefoot water skiing, there’s no name more synonymous with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness than Lane “Dawg” Bowers. As a National and World Barefoot Skiing Champion, a United States Barefoot Water Ski Team member, and a globally recognized instructor, Lane has redefined the boundaries of the sport and made barefoot skiing safer and more accessible for all.

A Legacy of Expertise

Lane’s deep-rooted expertise stems from decades of experience on the water. His accolades include pioneering never-before-seen maneuvers, such as performing all four toe-turns and line step-overs “feet-to-feet” in a World Championship—a feat unmatched by any other skier before he accomplished it in 1992. His credentials extend beyond the water too. As the most published author on barefoot skiing safety worldwide, Lane has made numerous appearances as an expert witness in water safety lawsuits, further cementing his status as an authority in the field.

Changing the Game

Lane’s influence on barefoot skiing is profound. His groundbreaking No Fall Barefoot Skiing Method has revolutionized the sport, enabling skiers to glide at super slow speeds without a tumble—a testament to his innovative approach and dedication to safety. His accomplishments include:

  • Development of the Instructor’s Course resulted in new coaches who have taught thousands more people to safely barefoot.
  • Creation of free online courses, through which he has taught tens of thousands to get up on water skis, wakeboards, and slalom skis.
  • Introduction of the Super Fly High, a 14′ height attachment for the barefoot skiing rope to the boat, which significantly improved safety standards within the sport. While Barefoot International is no longer manufacturing the Super Fly High, the W2900 Fly High Extended Pylon is available.
  • Development of the Progressive Barefoot Jumping Method, which dramatically reduced compression injuries in barefoot ski jumping.
  • Transformation of intermediate to advanced barefooting through the No Fall Backward Barefooting Method.
  • Barefoot Skiing Free eBook, “Be The Best BArefooter On Your Lake”
  • First No Fall Barefoot Skiing DVD
  • Free video analysis to help those who were locked down during covid debacle.
  • Free advice to any and all who seek him through his website or social media

Trust the Dawg

Lane’s reputation for trustworthiness is unrivaled. From personalized instruction and guarantees of the world’s best barefoot suit and IronMan Shorts to a wealth of resources available on, you’re in safe and stylish hands with Lane. His dedication to his student’s safety and success is evident in his track record, teaching everyone from injured war veterans to octogenarians how to ski safely.

Notably, Lane collaborated with world barefoot champions Mike Seipel and Rachel George to teach 68 people to barefoot water ski in just two hours using the No Fall Barefoot Skiing Method. This feat, possibly a world record, demonstrates the effectiveness and safety of Lane’s unique approach.

Explore the Online World of Barefoot Skiing

Dive into the world of barefoot skiing with Lane’s dynamic online presence. is a treasure trove of resources, including a free 200-page eBook, personalized instruction, a virtual ski school, articles, and videos. Testimonials from thousands worldwide testify to Lane’s exceptional teaching ability, patience, and safety-first approach.

Moreover, Lane has made considerable contributions to the sport’s safety standards. His barefoot skiing video at 23mph broke the internet, proving that even advanced maneuvers can be performed safely at slow speeds. His commitment to safety extends to individuals of all abilities, including teaching blind and one-legged people to barefoot ski.

A Humble Champion

Despite his unmatched credentials and unparalleled contributions to the sport, Lane remains humble. He credits his accomplishments to his faith, believing that any good that has come from his work is a gift from God meant to glorify Jesus. This humility underscores the genuine passion and dedication Lane brings to barefoot skiing.

In Conclusion

Lane “Dawg” Bowers is a name that resonates with authority, expertise, and trustworthiness in the world of barefoot skiing. His years of experience and a deep commitment to safety and innovation have made him an icon in the sport. His pioneering techniques and instructional methodologies, such as the No Fall Barefoot Skiing Method, have forever altered the landscape of barefoot skiing, making it safer and more accessible for all.

His humility and dedication go beyond the accolades and championships, radiating through his personalized teachings and generous offerings. Whether you’re seeking to become the next barefoot skiing legend or simply striving to be the best on your lake, Lane “Dawg” Bowers is the trusted guidance you need.

When you learn from Lane, you’re not just learning how to ski but immersing yourself in a world that champions safety, celebrates every victory, and is inclusive to all, regardless of age, size, or physical ability. It’s a world that Lane has contributed significantly to building and one that he continually seeks to improve.

Visit, explore the wealth of resources, and take the first step on your barefoot skiing journey with Lane “Dawg” Bowers. Trust the “Dawg” to guide you safely across the water and into a thrilling world of barefoot skiing adventure.


barefoot skiing authority #1: Lane "Dawg" Bowers

Barefoot Skiing is much safer from the many contributions of the top barefoot skiing authority, Lane “Dawg” Bowers

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