Your first front to back on Puppy Paws!

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“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”
-William Author Ward

Here is how you are going to make “Your First Front to Back”

I have already discussed how you are going to properly practicethe front to back at ,butwhat I am specifically talking about in this article is how to go from the door knob to your first attempts on your Puppy Paw shoe
skis ( ).

Let me just remind you of the correct way to learn ANY barefoot trick using my 3 Step System of Barefoot Mastery;

#1 Perfect the position and/or motion on dry land
#2 Perfect the position and/or motion on Puppy Paws
#3 Perfect the position and/or motion on your feet!!!!!!

This article concerns stage #2

A great turn requires a great position, the right amount of energy inyour set-up (up and down motion), great vision, and a good under-standing of my Resistance Theory of Barefooting. I also should
remind you that my Clock Theory of Turns is critical.

One common problem is falling on our face as you get to the back position. This problem is a matter of maintaining position throughoutthe turn. If this sounds overly simplistic, let me help you out by
reminding you to analyze your skiing with your video camera and slowmotion analysis! This is a huge accelerator to the learning process andwill show you when there is a breakdown in your vision.

Vision analysis is the key to keeping you off your face as you reach forthe handle of your first front to backs.

If you find yourself catching your heels as you go for the handle, you could be doing one or more of the following mistakes.

#1 You are yanking in on the handle before you turn. This causes slack in the rope. As you arrive at the backwards position, you are in a world of hurt because the rope is about to become tight, and you are also skiing with too little resistance. Maintain a consistently tight rope!

#2 Looking down can cause you to loose your perspective. You new viewof the water is going to distort your ability to maintain position AND resistance.

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